The student who moved away.

Throughout this year I have learned a ton about myself and my teaching. One of the events that really effected me was when one student moved away. This student, who I will just call Steve for now, was very annoying to me. Most of the time he did not do his homework, he had trouble paying attention in class and was very talkative. The thing that struck me was that when I could motivate him he was a great worker. When he saw himself succeeding he worked hard and he had the biggest smile on his face. He was a completely different student when he was working and succeeding. Then after he started to be this great student whose smile made me smile he went back to his old attitude. I asked him what was going on and he told me he was moving away in 3 weeks to the Philippines and it didn’t matter what he did in school. He was unmotivated again and it showed and for the last three weeks of school the cheerful student that I knew was there did not make an appearance. It really showed me how motivation affects students. Throughout the rest of the year I tried to get my students motivated and I will continue to work on motivating students because it makes a huge difference.

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